best hair color for me

  • listen, the best product is olive oil. buy a cheap regular bottle of it and while you are in the shower, coat your hair with it and "wash" with hot water. bring your hair up in a bun with a hair tie or sumthin. then, after you step out of the shower, just leave it in for whatever time you it 5 mins or a couple days. your hair will improve! a really good shamp
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  • Black hair and Green eyes!!!
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  • Suggestions for hair color?

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  • i've heard that if you put lemon juice in wet hair and then sit in the sun while it dries, your hair will lighten. but it needs to be done on a really sunny day
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  • Colour isn't as damaging as people (and the packaging) tend to say, so you can use it a little more frequently than the box recommends if you treat your hair well between colours. In this case I would say give it a couple of days (and a good conditioning or two) and then colour your whole head. That should sort it.
    The next time you touch up your roots, let the dye s
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  • Having worked in theater. Lighting can have a major effect on a persons hair especially when it is short like the presidents
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  • Revlon doesn't test on animals.
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  • Loreal makes a really nice "self tanning" product. They have it in an aerosol spray or in a lotion. I have extremely pale skin, but I tan in the beds. However, I don't actually "tan" in the beds unless I use accelorator. I use NuvoBronz Maxima and it gets me EXTREMELY DARK really fast!
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  • 3 RisposteIf you have really short hair, and you want to try hair extensions, I recommend you Balmain hair extensions; they have really short hair extensions and their color always blend so well, as the shades are really cool.Monica Erin5rea
  • Best Hair Dye Brand, Recommend?

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    2 RispostePRAVANA bessssst one for crazy colors on the best brands n top rated n PRAVANA is best for those colors.... N regular colors love joico :)Lok3Manic panic ; not too expensive//EXCELLENT COLOR!9
  • 1. the picture doesn't work....
    2..... well i can't really answer this until i get a working picture <3
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  • It doesn't ruin it and isn't permanent. Usually stylists "razor cut" it to thin it out... instead of using scissors, which will cut a blunt line. There are also thinnning shears that are like scissors with a bunch of lines in them so they cut different pieces at different lenghts, which essentially does the same thing. I hope this helps!
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  • Box hair color? or salon color?

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    Salon hair color is better than box color. The quality is much better and isn't so harsh on your hair. If you go to the salon, the stylist can evaluate your hair to determine if your hair can take the color and if she needs to do something before hand to ensure the color takes and is even. After coloring your hair, wait about 3 days to shampoo, using a color shampoo and co
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  • As a licensed hair stylist, I would strongly recommend going to a salon and having a professional color your hair. Many of my corrective color clients are women who have tried to color their own hair at home with catastrophic results. I often ponder why they even sell chemicals which can cause so much damage to the general public. You really need to be knowledgeable about the c
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  • As a stylist, I have used a lot of flat irons/hair straighteners, including Sedu, Hai, Infrashine, Chi, Paul Mitchell, Solia, Big Sexy, Andis, Babyliss Ghd, T3, Kenta etc. You should get a Professional hair straightener, they style much better and faster, and most importantly, they protect your hair.
    In terms of performance:
    The best ones are: Sedu, Kenta, Solia, Infras
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  • Which hair color is better?

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    Brunette is way better in my opinion. I have brunette hair, but up until I was 13 years of age I was a blonde headed girl. I hated the way I looked with blonde hair. It all depends on your facial skin tones and your outer features. I mean actresses like Ashley Judd and Jamie Gertz would look awful with blonde hair, but other actresses and actors who color their hair blonde
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  • I would paint it a black gloss. It would enhance the look real nice against all of your other colors.
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  • There are a few problems with shaving pubic hair. Ingrown hairs as a result can be painful. The itchng associated with it is also annoying. The occaisional nick can be annoying and become infected. Also, things can get slick down there from sweating and other things. Some hair there keeps things cool and helps avoid moisture. For me I do not completely shave that area alth
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  • Best middle name for Melody?

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    Melody Juliet is absolutely gorgeous! Love it!! Very classy and feminine and pretty :)
    - Melody Autumn.
    - Melody Katherine.
    - Melody Phoebe.
    - Melody Charlotte.
    - Melody Arabelle.
    - Melody Rose.
    - Melody Jasmine.
    - Melody Scarlett.
    Tbh, Melody Juliet is better than ALL those suggestions...
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